Our training focuses on sustainable intensification and commercialization of smallholder farm production by facilitating the improvement of agricultural practices through training and on-farm technical support services, planning and management, capacity building, storage, processing and marketing, appropriate technology and improved livestock and crop husbandry.

Katende-Harambe has designed a training curriculum, and the course takes 8 to 12 weeks to complete. Clients are free to come in at any time, depending on prior arrangement, but are advised to complete the course.

The project has a demo farm which helps farmers learn through demonstration (this covers 70% of the curriculum), and this practical experience provides for learning through direct involvement.


The project’s beneficiaries get free on-the-spot advice on their farms as scheduled by the trainers. This gives an opportunity to clients, NGOs, Institutes and schools that would like to hire a trainer to do so. There is a fee to be paid per paper presented for the practical sessions. The project also offers baseline surveys, monitoring and evaluation of agricultural programmes on agreement with the client.


Bookings can be made through the CEO and Training Manager by telephone or email, and should be done at least 3 days in advance. Clients should book in with their topics of interest to ease the preparation of training material and logistics.

There are boarding facilities and meals for interested clients, at a fee to be communicated when booking.


The project brings together a team of highly trained and skilled individuals from various fields who complement each other in the provision of training.Below are the technical members: 1. Jane Magoba Nyanzi: MSc (Mass Com.) London School of Economics, UK
2. Stella Ssendagi: MSc Eng. (Agricultural Engineering) University of Pretoria, South Africa
3. Ssemwogerere M. Robert: MA (PAM) MUK
4. Mulambuzi Pafra: BA (Arts) MUK, Cert. in Agricultural Extension (NORDIC Agric. College) Odense, Denmark.
5. Nampijja Theresa: MSc (TT) Manipal University, India
6. Dr. Berna Nakanwagi: BVM (MUK)
7. Dr. Sandra Namatovu: BVM (MUK)
8. Dr. Ssetimba: BVM (MUK)
9. Kigoye Godfrey: Agriculturist, Kulika Charitable Trust
10. Polinali Ndimutenda: Trainer – Agriculturist, Ssese Farm Sch.
11. Mugisha M. Emmanuel: MA (PAM) MUK
12. Senteza K. Paul: BA (SWASA) MUK
13. Jacob Adeya: MSc Forestry (MUK)