Project Activities

Poultry Farming Broilers, layers and crosses and synchronized/ programmed hatching.

Animal husbandry Goat rearing, pig farming, rabbits and cattle rearing, Bee keeping (apiary) Fish Farming (cat fish and tilapia)

Horticultural farming Vegetables, water melons, pineapples, straw berries, hot pepper, goose berries and bananas.

Cassava farming
Trees planting Burgalveria, mituba, pine,termineria, tick and eucalyptus,.

Animal fodder farming
Training communities in small compound gardening

Organic manure, green tea and composite manure production/conservation

Bio-gas /alternative energy sources.

Formal and Informal training are undertaken at the centre and in the field.  Trainees include students, youths/women organizations, partners and individuals.  Since the centre
started training, focus has been on building national networks and collaborative partnerships.

There is a hostel that is gender sensitive, a class /meeting room and a entertainment.