About Katende Harambe

Katende Harambe Rural – Urban Centre is a family – owned and run project, and is formally registered as Harambe Consultants, a communication and behavioural consultancy firm. In 2004, the consultancy opened a training and demonstration centre for sustainable faming on a piece of land located near one of the city suburbs, Kyaliwajala (Namugongo Nsawo Village). Kira Town Council-Wakiso district 5km away from Kireka of Jinja Road off Namugongo road.

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Project Activities

Horticultural farming Vegetables, water melons, pineapples, straw berries, hot pepper, goose berries and bananas.
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Formal and Informal training are undertaken at the centre and in the field.  Trainees include students, youths/women organizations.
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Animal husbandry Goat rearing, pig farming, rabbits and cattle rearing, Bee keeping (apiary) Fish Farming (cat fish and tilapia).
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New Technologies

Run-off water harvesting technology- Be water-wise. Katende Harambe is very keen on promoting a run-off-water harvesting technology.

Low-cost tubular plastic bio-digester gas - Biogas is a gaseous fuel produced by the fermentation of organic material such as animal manure

Cassava Technology - The starch contained in cassava can be used as cement in construction of buildings. Katende Harambe carried out an extensive research on this crop cassava (Manihot Esculenta).

Making composite manure - Home made manure (composite) is prepared from decayed garden weeds, kitchen remains, animal wastes
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